Bio-Electrical Acceleration Management, B.E.A.M accurately imitates the body’s bio-electrical process to stimulate and activate specific muscles or muscle groups, increase blood circulation, improve metabolism, and tone the body exactly as you desire.

Bio – contraction of muscle from B.E.A.M’s electrical signals causes the muscles to contract and fibres restructure resulting in building and conditioning of muscles and muscle groups. This results in stronger muscles.

Electrical – pulses from B.E.A.M imitates the body’s own natural electrical signals and therefore R.E.A.M communicates directly with muscle groups to perform more controlled contractions.

Acceleration and Management – B.E.A.M’s unique management system allows for customised control of muscle contractions giving better, optimal results with tighter, younger and healthier looking skin.


Facial Muscle Toning
Face lifting and Tightening
After Facial Serum Treatment
Skin laxity and wrinkles
Body Contouring after Ultrashape Lymphatic Drainage of Face
Acne prone skin
Accu-Point Massage

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