KOTA KINABALU : There is a growing potential for medical tourism in Sabah especially in Thermage treatments, according to Sabah based consultant plastic surgeon Dr Charles Lee.

Thermage is a non-invasive treatment that can be applied to various areas, including the eyes, body, and face. It aims to rejuvenate skin and collagen that has been broken down during the aging process or damage by sun exposure.

Lee said, since using the technology, he had treated more than 300 patients, including 126 patients last year. The overseas market has been one of the strongest supporters of Thermage in his clinics, he said.

The commendable results prove that specialist doctors can also be creative in the application of Thermage to bring about the desired results to their patients,” he said.

He said patients from as far as the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Brunei, Singapore and China sought Thermage is an internationally known procedure for skin contouring and its anti-ageing effects.

Lee said this during the Thermage Pinnacle Award Malaysia 2008 presentation ceremony yesterday during which he was presented with the award by Thermage for South Asia Director Wolfgang Kramer. Also present at the ceremony was Joseph Gomez, the managing director of Servicom Medical Sdn Bhd, the distributor of Thermage in Malaysia.

Wolfgang said Lee had recorded the highest usage of Thermage tips in the country, beating 11 other physicians who were based in the Peninsular since its maiden launch in 2006.

“This also proves that specialist doctors can also be creative in the application of Thermage to bring about the desired results to their patients,” he said.

Lee said Thermage continued to be revolutionary and the “Monster Tip” was the latest innovative advancement in Thermage technology for skin tightening of off-face areas and body contouring which include tummy, thighs, knees and legs.

To undergo Thermage treatment, one will only need to spend about two hours but the result can last between two and a half years, depending on genetics.

But the best thing about Thermage is it is non-invasive, non-surgical and no downtime, where the patient can go back to work immediately and resumes normal activities,” Lee added.

The future of aesthetic medicine and the shaping of things to come have been made possible with the Thermage technology. Not only that it is an international leader in non-invasive skin tightening and body contouring technology, it is also a highly recognised and valued brand name in the beauty and anti-ageing industry worldwide with more than 4,000 systems installed globally. “We live in a world in which we are constantly judged by our appearance. As more and more people are living longer than ever before, the ability to change and improve one’s own physical appearance can be quite liberating.

“The desire to be healthy and beautiful is as old as civilisation. The future of cutting-edge face rejuvenation and body contouring technology is dedicated to providing clinically proven solutions that enhance the lives of patients worldwide,” he said.

In a world where instant beauty was trademark, of any innovative brand, Lee said understanding expectations was crucial for obtaining I desired result. If one was expecting equivalent or better results as one would get from a surgical facelift, then the patient was not a realistic candidate and would be disappointed. However, if one was expecting some skin tightening and improvement in skin quality and no downtime or incisions, then Thermage was an option, he said.

He added that for longer lasting results, there were no stand-alone non-invasive procedures – be it for the face or body enhancement and understanding the limitations of procedure was important for a desired result coupled by loving it, maintain it and pairing it with other rejuvenation procedures.