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CoCAREGEN - Cell on Cell Aesthetic Regeneration


The process of cellular growth, renewal and regeneration of the skin and subcutaneous tissues continues throughout life. The fundamental principle behind CoCAREGEN natural cellular therapy is Cell on Cell Aesthetic Regeneration for the face and neck. The principle of ‘Like on Like’ is the key to smart ageing and engages the bio-science to stay looking young, refreshed, radiant and beautiful.

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The Science of Ageing Skin

Your skin is composed of several layers. The layer you can see is called the epidermis. It is composed of cells made of keratin, a hard substance that also forms your hair and nails. The individual cells are called keratinocytes. New keratinocytes grow at the lowest level of the epidermis, which bonds with the next layer, the dermis. The new skin cells…

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The 5-Step Philosophy of CoCAREGEN

CoCAREGEN’s Cell on Cell Aesthetic Regeneration protocol utilizes the 3- dimensional bio-intensive philosophy of ‘seeds-fertilizer-light’ used in organic farming. This natural Cellular Therapy program involves a 5-Step protocol that embodies the science for replacement of weak and dormant skin and subcutaneous tissue cells of the face and neck utilizing the bio-active components of MICRO and MACRO cellular nutrients in skin and blood. 100% natural and original, this  Swiss Made technology…

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