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New Skin Restoration

Healing. Restoration. Regeneration.


The ultimate in total skin restoration utilizing the ‘Principle of Organic Farming’. New Skin Cellular Regeneration and Restoration involves swiss-science nano bioactive skin cell extracts or “seeds” which are introduced into the skin to stimulate new cells formation and revitalize the ageing face. By coupling this process with the biological stimulation of resident stem cells through growth factors in platelets, providing the “fertilizer” for growth, this dynamic combination accelerates the natural process of collagen synthesis, restoring tissue healing and regeneration to aged skin. The regeneration process is further complimented with the fastest growing technology in bioenergetics using Low-Level Laser Therapy, LLLT, to enhance restoration of new cell growth and improved skin health for life.

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Why Low-Level Light (Therapy, LLLT, for Skin Rejuvenation

Recommended For:

  • Enviromentally Damaged Skin
  • Poor Skin Quality
  • Poor Skin Tone
  • Pore Minimization
  • Dry & Dehydrated Skin
  • Collagen Regeneration
  • Brighten & Glow
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